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Family, Mi Familia, The Fam Squad

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  A simple glance at a photo of my family is more than enough motivation & inspiration for me to continue my drive towards my mission & goals. I find nothing more empowering than  family & that’s all I’ve ever needed to never stop marching. Love my Fam Squad! What empowers you?

Words from Percy

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” title=”Words from Percy”>Words from Percy

It isn’t great that you have to undergo surgery but the 12th Man is right behind you all the way. Never worry about! We were excited to see you play this season & add another dimension to the Hawks offense & special teams. Who know’s, perhaps you may come back before Sea-Walk on every other team this season. Hawk nation wishes you speedy recovery Percy! God Bless

Beast Mode

If you don’t know Beast Mode already, which I would find hysterical! You will understand his name during the 2013 NFL Season. Or you can just examine this clip & witness what other NFL players speak the truth about him #BeastMode #HawkNation

Final day of the Capitol Hill Block Party & it was one of the best ones to come yet! Life filled the streets, stages & atmosphere. Curtosy to all the performances & performers. Major S/O to Sam Lachow, Raz Simone & the whole Moor Gang for put’n down for the Town! Next year will be even better. #LosoSaid

If you haven’t already, check out Day 1 & Day 2’s recap.  Examine a Zemke creation

Day 2 of the CHBP party right here. It was live from the get go which let’s you know Seattle is on the move. Come out Sunday to be captured on camera & support Sam Lachow & Jarv Dee McCully. It’s going down! A Zemke Creation to the public

The Journey

For most it’s just another day. For others it’s another moment of life. We never know what will be the next outcome so we must never become stationary objects. Bumps, roadblocks, minor set backs may appear but they are only temporary if you allow them to be. Never be satisfied with your last unless you are content with your position. Equip yourself with enthusiasm, integrity, self-discipline, diligence, temperance & patience on your strive for excellence.

The journey may take you out your comfort zone or even out of your nest. It may drift you into an uncomfortable state which forces you to adjust. Conquer the adjustment by fabricating the situation to a comfortable state of mind. Leaving the nest can make or break you but understand that sometimes you can’t be the hero in your town until you make the journey out of bounds. Talheho

Lyfe Jennings new tunes out & ready!

Last Lyfe song that I listened to was “S.E.X” & everyone heard it loud & clear! His latest single “Boomerang” from his new album has such deep meaning to it that most people have experienced. Deep emotions. Examine people