Lone Survivor

In many ways of the abducted corrupted slanted psybeam’n two lane streaming Alakazayy… Never have I’ve seen so many unused thoughts & visions. You hear them all day if you’re listening. You say them & think of them mast majority of your time. So why not choose a thought & proceed with it if you have not already? The game slows down for no 1 & that’s why I appreciate it. SLOW N*GGAZ GET LEFT! Let’s keep it that way #Yachtz -Loso Said


Its Been a while but we’re back!! Yachtz

It’s amazing when you find yourself in a position you didn’t see yourself entering. Engulfed by whatever it may be but the special thing about that is, it allows you to conquer what’s in front of you. Allowing you to show up when it counts most, RIGHT NOW! Another way you can look at it is, the Lime Light. The Lime Light forces you to make an action. Either it’s going to force you to sink or shine as bright as Denzel’s teeth. It’s all up to you, no one else. How do you react when you face adversity? Positively, negatively or do you just slump it out? I hurdled We hurdled Will Always hurdle #Yachtz 

It doesn’t stop


You begin a new journey looking to accomplish a certain goal, searching for something new or unveiling your invisible purpose. Experience unexplored territories, expanding your knowledge & strengthening your thoughts about the phrase, “Meaning of life”. Adding pieces to your puzzle, adjusting your perspectives on life. People search, search & search. Some believe you can find what you’re looking for sooner than later & for others it can take a lifetime. No matter what, we all eventually set sail on a journey searching.

I traveled across seas only to hit an enormous speed bump during my travels. The speed bump knocked me off track, sending me into a downward spiral wondering if I’ll surface from this deep end submerge. When submerged in the deep end with no life vest, you began identifying to yourself who you really are and what you’re capable of accomplishing. Two crucial choices at all times in situations such as this, Fight or Give Up. One is easier than the other for many. Fighting over giving up can be just as hard as giving up or fighting. This is what will define your character to yourself rather than another critic. When you’re at the end of the road, you & the one in the mirror are the only two who can really transpire & understand the complex individual you are.

Fight is my automatic choice at all times, it is who I am. Distractions may appear, interruptions may occur, struggle will be present but it will never cause me to a stop. Possibly slow me down but my feet will never stop driving. Can’t allow myself to be stationary because I believe it is equivalent to death. So therefore I can’t be satisfied with “just”, I will continue to strive until I’m satisfied with life.

So I say, Life is life & no matter what it will continue with you or without you. So live life preposterously, strive for what you believe, execute your visions & most importantly possess no regrets. Your book has many chapters to it & you decide when to shut the cover

Loso said

Food for thought

I have a lot of family & friends who don’t really want their “information” being known to people. I always think that kind of funny because in the day we live in now, you can almost find anybody somehow someway. Not saying that you’ll find a persons exact coordinates to where they are but they could possibly get a lead on  you from some search engine or online website. To me, I don’t mind if someone know’s about because there nothing to hide. If anything I want people to hear my story if they’re so interested. Story, that’s it. Let’s say if you were famous for instance. People literally just go on Google or Wikipedia & find a good amount about a persons pass/career/life. For the most part, it’s true & revealing but it just goes to show how you can get a glance at a person. 

Loso Said

Anxious for this season to begin!

Russell Wilson

Russell is pointing straight ahead to the X that marks the spot! It just so happens that the X is in the middle of the field at the New MetLife stadium. Superbowl 48 here we come! Can someone please tell me, who better to lead the Hawks there besides Russell Wilson?? The answer is no one! When he is the field, the field is his. He reminds me of Drew Brees but with a running ability to open up receivers or take it down field. If you’re not a Russ fan, you know he doesn’t like to run but when he does, it’s going to hurt you. There is no limits to Russell Wilson right now & he is going to be the best quarterback of this league to other viewers in due time. Every Hawk Fan just like me, is awaiting for this pre-season opener tomorrow & even more for the 1st game of the season. This is going to be a season for the records with everything our players, coaches & staff put into this organization. Or shall I say this season will be history in the making. Up until the playoffs last year was the first time we’ve received so much publicity from critics & media but we knew all along how good we were as a team. Now when you add the 12th Man into that Hawk Pot, it storms up an unstoppable army ready to take on whoever accepts challenge. SEAHAWKS! 12TH MAN! WE’RE ALL IN! FAMILY! Here we come New Jersey!! Seahawk Nation! 

Loso Said

Loso:s Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of 2013

Aaron Rodgers & Russell WilsonIt took me some time but here it is. Loso’s Top 10 QuarterBacks of the 2013 year. If you didn’t already know, it’s Seahawk Nation over here & we’re going to the ship this year! I would have loved to put Russell Wilson higher but I can’t do that. Now if I decided with my heart he would be higher but I had to decide with some what of an analyst view. I thought very hard on my top 3 then 4-10. Very hard decisions right here but I decided! I know a lot of people have a very different Top 10 but this is Loso’s. So starting off with #1

1) Aaron Rodgers  Aaron Rodgers

2) Peyton Manning Peyton Manning3) Tom Brady

Tom Brady

4) Drew Brees Drew Brees

5) Matt Ryan Matt Ryan

6) Eli Manning Eli Manning

7) Russel Wilson Russell Wilson

8) Robert Griffin 3 RG3

9) Andrew Luck Andrew Luck

10) Ben Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger

What does your Top 10 look like?

Loso:s Top 10 NFL Receivers


Now this is Loso’s Top 10 current NFL Receivers. I’m not deciding my top 10 by stats but by the impact they have on the field, the adjustments defenses have to make to their game plans, route running, if they were healthy & overall the amount of havoc they cause on the field when the ball is in their hands. So here we go starting off with #1

1) Calvin Johnson

2) Larry Fitzgerald

3) A.J Green

4) Andre Johnson

5) Brandon Marshall

6) Roddy White

7) Dez Bryant

8) Julio Jones

9) Percy Harvin

10) Demaryius Thomas

Final day of the Capitol Hill Block Party & it was one of the best ones to come yet! Life filled the streets, stages & atmosphere. Curtosy to all the performances & performers. Major S/O to Sam Lachow, Raz Simone & the whole Moor Gang for put’n down for the Town! Next year will be even better. #LosoSaid

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