It doesn’t stop


You begin a new journey looking to accomplish a certain goal, searching for something new or unveiling your invisible purpose. Experience unexplored territories, expanding your knowledge & strengthening your thoughts about the phrase, “Meaning of life”. Adding pieces to your puzzle, adjusting your perspectives on life. People search, search & search. Some believe you can find what you’re looking for sooner than later & for others it can take a lifetime. No matter what, we all eventually set sail on a journey searching.

I traveled across seas only to hit an enormous speed bump during my travels. The speed bump knocked me off track, sending me into a downward spiral wondering if I’ll surface from this deep end submerge. When submerged in the deep end with no life vest, you began identifying to yourself who you really are and what you’re capable of accomplishing. Two crucial choices at all times in situations such as this, Fight or Give Up. One is easier than the other for many. Fighting over giving up can be just as hard as giving up or fighting. This is what will define your character to yourself rather than another critic. When you’re at the end of the road, you & the one in the mirror are the only two who can really transpire & understand the complex individual you are.

Fight is my automatic choice at all times, it is who I am. Distractions may appear, interruptions may occur, struggle will be present but it will never cause me to a stop. Possibly slow me down but my feet will never stop driving. Can’t allow myself to be stationary because I believe it is equivalent to death. So therefore I can’t be satisfied with “just”, I will continue to strive until I’m satisfied with life.

So I say, Life is life & no matter what it will continue with you or without you. So live life preposterously, strive for what you believe, execute your visions & most importantly possess no regrets. Your book has many chapters to it & you decide when to shut the cover

Loso said

We didn’t come out on top but it was a battle!


The match up of the year, Ballard Knights 89ers vs West Seattle Wildcats 89ers! 9/21/13 It was the preview of the championship. Spectacular play by both sides, defenses were matched, each offense were moving but not with ease. It came down to the last breath taking seconds of the game & the Knights weren’t able to capitalize with the time they had left. Which allowed West Seattle to win 14-19. I will say hands down, one of the best little league games I’ve ever seen. Lil Man had a good game with 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 3 tackles & one of those tackles was a game changing play. Congratulations to West Seattle for the hard fought win & Congratulations to my Lil Man & his teammates who didn’t just allow West Seattle to win easily. Until next time West Seattle!

Hawks in a league of their Own

tempRM1_0860--nfl_mezz_1280_1024The game was over before it started. Our offense clicking on all cylinders, defense showing the world why WE are the best! Manhandling the Jacksonville Jaguars, executing like we should & allowing everyone on the team to get in on the fun! Big Bam Kam added another interception to the Legion of Boom! Bobby Wagner also had a great diving catch to add to the defenses take aways. Overall, we played an excellent game! We are the team to be reckoned with. How can you compete against a team that can’t be beaten?? Well for one, that team needs to make mistakes which the Seahawks do not do! So there for I do not see anyone beating the Hawks this year. There will be maybe 2 battles later during this season but no losses. Let’s go! Seahawk Nation!!


Game Day Game Time

IMG_1008[1]It’s that time of the year people! Football season & Lil Man’s 1st home game! So all & everyone needs to come & show support to him. Ballard vs West Seattle. It’s a match up of the finest, which means it will be a battle that they won’t forget. Speaking for West Seattle. Game Time 4pm Loyal Heights! LETS GOOOO!!!!!

(Bumbershoot Recap 2013(

Examine & LIsten to the recap of the musically infested festival weekend, Bumbershoot 2013. Which was powered by amazing line ups & musicians all throughout the Seattle Center.

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Hawks says, “Calm Down Kaepernick..”

tempcst_CQ2T0186--nfl_mezz_1280_1024If you were not a witness last night during the game, I’m sorry.. But I will be more than happy to inform you the Seahawks did what the came to do! Lay down the claws! The weather brought back the atmosphere of the last match, last season. 12th Man going for record on the loudest crowd ever! Seahawks ready to let the world know that we’re to be reckoned with! We did just that, last night! Forcing Colin Kaepernick to throw 3 interceptions into the hands of The Legion of Boom! Chris Avril caused Kaepernick to fumble & the defense accumulated 3 sacks. Kaepernick was ready to play the Seahawks but he wasn’t ready to play against this defense again.  We did what we came to do & more! I knew but for others, they now know who is winning the NFC West, NFC & NFL Championship. It’s Seahawk Nation on this blog!! I’m proud to say, I am a Witness & will continue to be! If you’re not, become one! Go Hawks!

Click the link below to Witness the highlights of last nights Match-UP

Seahawks sluffed passed the Panthers

tempDSC_7765--nfl_mezz_1280_1024I can’t lie, I was a little worried during the game when Carolina’s defense was on a consistent roll. They applied a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson & really agitated our passing game & disrupted our running game. So I give them respect for showing up on defense but it just wasn’t enough to stop us from getting into field goal range & a  certain DB (I won’t say no names) couldn’t stop Jermaine Kearse from making a big time catch! The final score of the match was 12-7, not expected but we’ll accept every bit of it. A W is W & we posses our first W of the season.

If you would like to catch the highlights of the match, click on “ME

This game is officially in the past. Now on to the Niners!


I don’t usually share video’s of this nature but this is a must see! If you were in that position, what would you do?? I think the first thing I’ll do is call my mother as I’m running out of the building ha ha  Just watch