Russell is Russell & he speaks the truth


Russell Wilson

Now I know for every football team there is, you must believe in your quaterback no matter what! In Seattle, it’s a whole lot different. We don’t just believe in Russell Wilson. We ALL know Russell Wilson will make it happen no matter the cost! He is a man among boys at the QB position. He commands, leads, delivers & trust everyone of his teammates to do their jobs. All of Seattle & Seahawk fans love the man Russell & we’re all behind 100% no matter what happens. GO HAWKS!

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Words from Nigel

NigelEveryday is Monday, until everyday is Saturday. Simple.


Seahawks yet again prevail against the Broncos


Now even though it’s only preseason & we all know that it doesn’t really matter because it’s not the actual season. Well let me tell you something. The way our Hawks are playing in the preseason, you can positively see that we are in sync & still a RUDE force to be reckoned with! The starters are playing crisp! The backups are playing like they want the starting job! Special teams are on a roll! Pete Carroll is the MAN! It’s only been 2 games & we can already see the future….Seahawks=SuperBowl Champions

Check out the highlights from the Seahawks vs Broncos match down below

Joe Budden “Control”……

Joe Budden….That’s first off.  He literally went so hard on this control that you would think he lost control in the booth & just went on a rampage! I have a lot to say about this particular track but I’ll just let it be & allow you to listen to it. Because Joe goes IN!!! Just listen & tell me what you think.

Thank You Kendrick Lamar

I honestly believe that Kendrick came out of the shoe box with his “Control” verse to demonstrate that real Hip-Hop needs to come back into the deep end. It has been shallowly floating away with a couple people still out in the middle on a boat trying to throw Hip-Hop a lifebuoy. Kendrick single handily pulled Hip-Hop out the water & saved it. It took some guts to do what he did but if you understand Hip-Hop & believe you’re the best out there. Then why wouldn’t you admit to the Game/other artists, that you are the best & not afraid to go after anybody? Well maybe because some people don’t want beef, bullets flying or even get demolished. Kendrick took that risk & I’m happy to say no bullets are flying & artists are responding to Kendrick like true man of Hip-Hop. This goes to show the mental development of these artists & the true love of Hip-Hop. When someone comes at you, you go right back to them. Appreciate the work Kendrick & look forward to what you stirred up. I believe the best has yet to come, I’m waiting

Loso Said!

Here’s a couple of Responses to Kendrick. 1st: King Los 2nd: Lupe Fiasco 3rd: Cassidy 4th: B.O.B

Theyre Uncontralble with this “Control” Kendrick Lamar Just set the Bar

If you already know who Kendrick Lamar is, that’s good. If you don’t know who he is, listen to the 2nd verse of this “Control” & you will realize that he is one of the best in Hip-Hop today. Kendrick just set the bar with verse & ate everyone before they even get a chance. He is truly bringing rude Hip-Hop back & I believe he will be the best as the days come. Don’t get me wrong, my boy Big Sean went HARD on this track without a DOUBT! Kendrick just annihilated it, that’s all I’m saying. He put his foot down, set the bar for real MC’s & proposed to all “whoever wants it can get it.” Anyone & everyone. Examine the song


Food for thought

I have a lot of family & friends who don’t really want their “information” being known to people. I always think that kind of funny because in the day we live in now, you can almost find anybody somehow someway. Not saying that you’ll find a persons exact coordinates to where they are but they could possibly get a lead on  you from some search engine or online website. To me, I don’t mind if someone know’s about because there nothing to hide. If anything I want people to hear my story if they’re so interested. Story, that’s it. Let’s say if you were famous for instance. People literally just go on Google or Wikipedia & find a good amount about a persons pass/career/life. For the most part, it’s true & revealing but it just goes to show how you can get a glance at a person. 

Loso Said