Push StaTus-Quo

The barrels thrown down from the shape shifter but no Porygon mention

Ignorance is so blissful.. Said the ignorant n*gga haha

I come across the ones with so much to say but not enough said

I fall back to my fam       Move forward for my fam     Stride pass the ugly for my fam       So we’re good in the end

Never satisfied   Always Hungry   Even in Hungary   Mannn….. We still got so much to Do #Yachtz

Smooth Chase

Resembling the scattered debris by choice, not by demand. Major adjustments followed by inch to inch improvements towards towards towards towards THAT. Kept in touch, minimizing the distance over time, capitalizing the base within.. The Captain of this ship & fall-aid to the board. Keep striding

Lone Survivor

In many ways of the abducted corrupted slanted psybeam’n two lane streaming Alakazayy… Never have I’ve seen so many unused thoughts & visions. You hear them all day if you’re listening. You say them & think of them mast majority of your time. So why not choose a thought & proceed with it if you have not already? The game slows down for no 1 & that’s why I appreciate it. SLOW N*GGAZ GET LEFT! Let’s keep it that way #Yachtz -Loso Said


Importance in Timing

Would like to do this, would like to do that, overall the filing down of the importance of each task is necessary. Don’t have all the time in the world to accomplish what we wish. At least we can obtain some of the goals if we utilize the time we have usefully. It takes time to make time #Yachtz


The Times


The times that are unforgettable that you would happily relive. At that moment it seems like no time has passed by, just slow motion frames are snapped per second. We live for these moments & wish upon the star to rain down more priceless moments that we will never forget. So let’s get it, no hesitation in the next moves of your life. Lengthen the stride while being full-steam ahead. You know, A plane can’t take off the ground if it’s at 45% speed, not even 75% or 95%. It must be at 100% full throttle in order to take off. As you continue your flight at 100% full throttle, you will soon hit a height of elevation in which you can trigger the cruise-control (the height at which you have accomplished what you desired) and lay off the throttle. It’s about that time, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! #Lososaid


The Town is behind Marshawn 100%

tempRM1_0860--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Seattle is behind Marshawn 100%. We don’t need to hear him speak one bit, he’s all game & that’s how he speaks!

Click on the picture to witness his interview on Media day

Interview from the Strizzy Bois)


Examine the most recent interview from Carrick Wenke on my brothers from another JuJu Twist X DiffyBoi. Without a doubt I will say the interview was defining & raw! Just click on the picture to be a witness

Its Been a while but we’re back!! Yachtz

It’s amazing when you find yourself in a position you didn’t see yourself entering. Engulfed by whatever it may be but the special thing about that is, it allows you to conquer what’s in front of you. Allowing you to show up when it counts most, RIGHT NOW! Another way you can look at it is, the Lime Light. The Lime Light forces you to make an action. Either it’s going to force you to sink or shine as bright as Denzel’s teeth. It’s all up to you, no one else. How do you react when you face adversity? Positively, negatively or do you just slump it out? I hurdled We hurdled Will Always hurdle #Yachtz