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Family, Mi Familia, The Fam Squad

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A simple glance at a photo of my family is more than enough motivation & inspiration for me to continue my drive towards my mission & goals. I find nothing more empowering than  family & that’s all I’ve ever needed to never stop marching. Love my Fam Squad!

What empowers you?


One response to “Family, Mi Familia, The Fam Squad

  1. ydeshawn

    I am empowered by God’s grace. The idea that He created me and loves us so much that He allowed His son to give his life for us…..when I meditate on what a sacrifice it is to give your child up in any way…it blows me away! I think of the love that I have for my sons and my goodness it sinks in.

    You also empower me as you always have. I know that I can’t stop because Carlos says I can’t. That day that my back felt like it was going to break in two, you told me that I couldn’t stop and that is why I tip toed on up to campus. I was in extreme pain and I went. I made it to the class, looked a the teacher as she wrote on the board and chose to turn around.

    I didn’t stay but I went. It wasn’t the backache that made me leave it was the idea that I had to sit there for almost two hours while this woman sipped on tea in a starbuck’s clear plastic cup and talk about the same ol’ thing while I was in pain that made me leave. ha!

    My sons are my empowerment and my inspiration. I’ve described you all as my heartbeats and that is how close to me you all are. I rest good when you rest good. I am blessed to have been selected to mother/smother y’all with my love. God is super sweet that way.


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