Lone Survivor

In many ways of the abducted corrupted slanted psybeam’n two lane streaming Alakazayy… Never have I’ve seen so many unused thoughts & visions. You hear them all day if you’re listening. You say them & think of them mast majority of your time. So why not choose a thought & proceed with it if you have not already? The game slows down for no 1 & that’s why I appreciate it. SLOW N*GGAZ GET LEFT! Let’s keep it that way #Yachtz -Loso Said



Importance in Timing

Would like to do this, would like to do that, overall the filing down of the importance of each task is necessary. Don’t have all the time in the world to accomplish what we wish. At least we can obtain some of the goals if we utilize the time we have usefully. It takes time to make time #Yachtz


Its Been a while but we’re back!! Yachtz

It’s amazing when you find yourself in a position you didn’t see yourself entering. Engulfed by whatever it may be but the special thing about that is, it allows you to conquer what’s in front of you. Allowing you to show up when it counts most, RIGHT NOW! Another way you can look at it is, the Lime Light. The Lime Light forces you to make an action. Either it’s going to force you to sink or shine as bright as Denzel’s teeth. It’s all up to you, no one else. How do you react when you face adversity? Positively, negatively or do you just slump it out? I hurdled We hurdled Will Always hurdle #Yachtz 

(Bumbershoot Recap 2013(

Examine & LIsten to the recap of the musically infested festival weekend, Bumbershoot 2013. Which was powered by amazing line ups & musicians all throughout the Seattle Center.

A Zemke Creation

I’m Back!

Experienced 11 long days in a hospital in Hungary.. Had an ACL/MCL operation that I will say happily, it was successful. It was definitely a fight dealing with the pain & baby steps the days after but it’s all about what you do after the event that defines the results. It’s apart of life to face adversity at times & it’s all about how you diversify yourself to deal with the situation. Actions Actions Actions. No Pain No Gain was the status of the whole experience. Deal with it now so you can smile about it later & continuously believe the good will come eventually. Now the rehab comes, baby steps yet again. Long road ahead #Yachtz

My Brother/Co-Ceo of Yachtz, Mookie’s B-Day

Happy Birthday Mookie. I love this young man who is constantly growing spiritually, mentally & actually slimming down lol It’s ridiculous that this man is already 20 years old, literally! That right there is enough for me to realize that we don’t have all the time in the world in our possession. So we must use the time we have wisely & effectively. We’ve done a lot up until this point but honestly we haven’t done anything yet. So I will say upon you Murda, keep the stride wide, never allow brake pads to touch your wheels & strap yourself with a Ray Ray focus lens. We all we got! Yachtz! Happy Birthday

Mookie Sighting


Straight Mookie for ya

If you spot this man this weekend, Tell Him What’s Pop’n Muhammed style!! Bday coming up real soon. Make the weekend before his bday good as the one he’s about to witness next week. It’s his big 20 on Thursday. Yachtz!!