The Town is behind Marshawn 100%

tempRM1_0860--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Seattle is behind Marshawn 100%. We don’t need to hear him speak one bit, he’s all game & that’s how he speaks!

Click on the picture to witness his interview on Media day


Anxious for this season to begin!

Russell Wilson

Russell is pointing straight ahead to the X that marks the spot! It just so happens that the X is in the middle of the field at the New MetLife stadium. Superbowl 48 here we come! Can someone please tell me, who better to lead the Hawks there besides Russell Wilson?? The answer is no one! When he is the field, the field is his. He reminds me of Drew Brees but with a running ability to open up receivers or take it down field. If you’re not a Russ fan, you know he doesn’t like to run but when he does, it’s going to hurt you. There is no limits to Russell Wilson right now & he is going to be the best quarterback of this league to other viewers in due time. Every Hawk Fan just like me, is awaiting for this pre-season opener tomorrow & even more for the 1st game of the season. This is going to be a season for the records with everything our players, coaches & staff put into this organization. Or shall I say this season will be history in the making. Up until the playoffs last year was the first time we’ve received so much publicity from critics & media but we knew all along how good we were as a team. Now when you add the 12th Man into that Hawk Pot, it storms up an unstoppable army ready to take on whoever accepts challenge. SEAHAWKS! 12TH MAN! WE’RE ALL IN! FAMILY! Here we come New Jersey!! Seahawk Nation! 

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