RG3 is Truth


Even though Russell Wilson is my favorite quarterback. RG3 is also one of my favorite quarterbacks & player to watch.  He’s an intelligent, strong, positive & unbreakable individual.. I wish his injury never happened but it’s apart of life. RG3 has been consistently rehabbing & working hard so he could be ready for week 1. I hope when he comes back, he will still have the same impact on the field as he did before he was injured. I wish RG3 a great season & a possible rematch in the NFC Championship.

Examine his interview down below. RG3 is Truth


Loso:s Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of 2013

Aaron Rodgers & Russell WilsonIt took me some time but here it is. Loso’s Top 10 QuarterBacks of the 2013 year. If you didn’t already know, it’s Seahawk Nation over here & we’re going to the ship this year! I would have loved to put Russell Wilson higher but I can’t do that. Now if I decided with my heart he would be higher but I had to decide with some what of an analyst view. I thought very hard on my top 3 then 4-10. Very hard decisions right here but I decided! I know a lot of people have a very different Top 10 but this is Loso’s. So starting off with #1

1) Aaron Rodgers  Aaron Rodgers

2) Peyton Manning Peyton Manning3) Tom Brady

Tom Brady

4) Drew Brees Drew Brees

5) Matt Ryan Matt Ryan

6) Eli Manning Eli Manning

7) Russel Wilson Russell Wilson

8) Robert Griffin 3 RG3

9) Andrew Luck Andrew Luck

10) Ben Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger

What does your Top 10 look like?