The Times


The times that are unforgettable that you would happily relive. At that moment it seems like no time has passed by, just slow motion frames are snapped per second. We live for these moments & wish upon the star to rain down more priceless moments that we will never forget. So let’s get it, no hesitation in the next moves of your life. Lengthen the stride while being full-steam ahead. You know, A plane can’t take off the ground if it’s at 45% speed, not even 75% or 95%. It must be at 100% full throttle in order to take off. As you continue your flight at 100% full throttle, you will soon hit a height of elevation in which you can trigger the cruise-control (the height at which you have accomplished what you desired) and lay off the throttle. It’s about that time, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! #Lososaid



RG3 is Truth


Even though Russell Wilson is my favorite quarterback. RG3 is also one of my favorite quarterbacks & player to watch.  He’s an intelligent, strong, positive & unbreakable individual.. I wish his injury never happened but it’s apart of life. RG3 has been consistently rehabbing & working hard so he could be ready for week 1. I hope when he comes back, he will still have the same impact on the field as he did before he was injured. I wish RG3 a great season & a possible rematch in the NFC Championship.

Examine his interview down below. RG3 is Truth