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Hawks says, “Calm Down Kaepernick..”

tempcst_CQ2T0186--nfl_mezz_1280_1024If you were not a witness last night during the game, I’m sorry.. But I will be more than happy to inform you the Seahawks did what the came to do! Lay down the claws! The weather brought back the atmosphere of the last match, last season. 12th Man going for record on the loudest crowd ever! Seahawks ready to let the world know that we’re to be reckoned with! We did just that, last night! Forcing Colin Kaepernick to throw 3 interceptions into the hands of The Legion of Boom! Chris Avril caused Kaepernick to fumble & the defense accumulated 3 sacks. Kaepernick was ready to play the Seahawks but he wasn’t ready to play against this defense again.  We did what we came to do & more! I knew but for others, they now know who is winning the NFC West, NFC & NFL Championship. It’s Seahawk Nation on this blog!! I’m proud to say, I am a Witness & will continue to be! If you’re not, become one! Go Hawks!

Click the link below to Witness the highlights of last nights Match-UP



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