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Huskies are Back!


Did you watch the game on saturday?? If you didn’t, I’ll alert you that the Huskies looked new & improved. The movement of the ball, the speed of plays & the DAMN intensity! Keith Price is looking like he’s at full strength, Defense is looking like Hounds out there & everyone on offense is clicking on all cylinders. I’m proud to say that this year, “O! Watch out for the DAWGS!” We Man handled Boise State 38-6 like never before. I don’t know what Sark did during the off season but what ever it was, it surely does show.

Before this post, I was thinking to myself, “We need to be ranked right about now. Maybe even take Boise’s spot.” The result of the game were a success on the AP poll’s. We jumped up to the 20th spot! It’s looking good so far & I hope we can keep this momentum going. GO DAWGS!



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