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Thank You Kendrick Lamar

I honestly believe that Kendrick came out of the shoe box with his “Control” verse to demonstrate that real Hip-Hop needs to come back into the deep end. It has been shallowly floating away with a couple people still out in the middle on a boat trying to throw Hip-Hop a lifebuoy. Kendrick single handily pulled Hip-Hop out the water & saved it. It took some guts to do what he did but if you understand Hip-Hop & believe you’re the best out there. Then why wouldn’t you admit to the Game/other artists, that you are the best & not afraid to go after anybody? Well maybe because some people don’t want beef, bullets flying or even get demolished. Kendrick took that risk & I’m happy to say no bullets are flying & artists are responding to Kendrick like true man of Hip-Hop. This goes to show the mental development of these artists & the true love of Hip-Hop. When someone comes at you, you go right back to them. Appreciate the work Kendrick & look forward to what you stirred up. I believe the best has yet to come, I’m waiting

Loso Said!

Here’s a couple of Responses to Kendrick. 1st: King Los 2nd: Lupe Fiasco 3rd: Cassidy 4th: B.O.B



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